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Cute little game and very well thought out in regards to the theme. One of my favorites so far from the C3Jam. I didn't finish the game but I played enough of the levels to feel like there was certainly going to be some fun puzzles.

The only things that annoyed me were:

#1: the level design in regards to collision, you have many corridors only a couple of pixels too narrow to fit two Gogos down at once. And in other places similar looking corridors were quite happy to fit two through at once, in a few cases in the former involved getting a Gogo stuck at the wrong time causing me to lose a level.

#2 The music was a bit minimalistic and on/off. Maybe that suits some people, but I'd rather have a toggle-able constant backing track. Still only a minor complaint and it's coming from someone experienced at making music. It has no real negative effect on the game.

Other than those points I consider it a great entry for the jam. Good luck :)

Interesting idea for a puzzle game.

The thing I wasn't very happy about was why loads of numbers decide to change from being 3 just as you are about to click on them, getting a penalty against you. If you could explain more how the logic of the game works rather than "just click 3" I'd be happier with the game.

Nice music and decent graphics and UI are present in this game.

I'd have rated this higher if I understood it better.

duolon responds:

Hi, the number go from 1-2-3-4-5 and back from 5-4-3-2-1
Every loop take 2 secs.
If you touch on 3 before it change to other number, it will add to combo
else you will get penalty of the spawn of the number you click (1/ 2 / 4 / 5)

So, the game is just click on 3, nothing else.

Interesting ideas for an endless runner.
It's really hard though. I only noticed that you move further and further off screen over time, while digging, I just thought the game was bugging out.
Also the game feels too unforgiving, with the transition between digging and jumping I've no idea how to time some of the jumps. Some of the obstacles are plain mean and are just random guessing "will this hurt me underground/jumping" and the way you can't run while digging is plain annoying. Sometimes you're set up for certain death, where you have to dig under something and you're already at the edge of the screen.

harsamcreative responds:

the player increase speed, if you dont use the control, digging decreases speed. thanks for the review

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I love it, amazing vocals, sparse yet epic cinematic instrumental. Kinda gives me old school synthpop vibes in a lot of ways.

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